Sample CDI – (Career Directions Inventory)  – Click to View/Download

What is the CDI?

The Career Directions Inventory (CDI) is a flexible, cost-effective tool designed to facilitate educational and career exploration. The CDI is suitable for a wide spectrum of the population, not only those headed for post-secondary education or a professional career. The CDI can be used for career and educational counseling for high school, college, and university students, career planning for adults, career transitions, and career exploration in a wide variety of fields, including business, professional, service, and technical occupations.

Sample JVIS – (Jackson Vocational Interest Survey) – Click to View/Download

What is the JVIS?

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) was developed to assist high school students, college students and adults with education and career planning. Development of the JVIS began in 1969, using 50 years of research into vocational interest measurement as a starting point, and continues today. The JVIS is one of the most carefully and elaborately constructed psychological instruments. The most modern methods of test and scale construction, and the latest theoretical developments relating to the psychology of work, have been used in the JVIS. The result is a comprehensive, accurate, and sex-fair assessment of vocational interests. No psychological test has undergone more thorough and extensive methods of scale construction and none has made greater use of multivariate statistical procedures and computer-based optimizing procedures for selection of the interest activities used.

Post-Secondary Budget Tool – (Microsoft Excel) – Click to Download

Download this Microsoft Excel tool to help with budgeting for a year of post-secondary education. You will be prompted for all the sources of income you have and for the expenses you are likely to have to allow for.

Student Skills Guide – (PDF) – Click to Download